Making Giant Leaps in New Space Markets

Kangaroo Group work within emerging markets in the growing commercial space sector to provide business opportunities for our network of space industry clients, partners and investors. 

Space Business Portfolio

Our space industry ecosystem provides a unique platform that connects countless first time space users with new and existing space service providers...

Private Space Networks

Our ecosystem of online communities and directories allow quick access to space industry leaders, buyers, sellers and investors.

Industry Partnerships

Our partnerships agreements allow for low cost access to low earth orbit and discounted pricing on space products and services.

Communications Ecosystem

Our global reach and influence is made possible through our self-owned space brands, commentators and social influencers.

Satellite Owner Groups

Our small satellite operator and cubesat owner communities provide unique market insight into first time space user behaviour.

Payload Product Outlets

Our family of branded online space product stores generates revenue from the growing number of new and seasoned space service users.

Propriety Consumer Brands

Our public facing space entertainment and information websites provide unprecedented targeted space service advertising space.


Business Opportunities

Futurize your enterprise and let the excitement of space exploration help sell your products and services.
  • Access Leaders

    Gain access to space industry leaders, agency insiders and strategic partners for unique growth hacking opportunities.

  • Reach New Markets

    Enjoy global coverage to promote your products and services to emerging markets and the new generation of space customers.

  • Increase Revenue

    Secure investment, generate new revenue streams and monetize opportunities with increased space product and service sales.


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